Goodbye Horses

Reluctantly I leave Ox-Bow, the magical art school/community/experience in the woods of Michigan. I’ll miss my Hot Mess class. Also the sand dunes by the lake, the swimming and canoeing, my cabin by the lagoon, the meal-time bell…  I return to a heat wave in noisy dirty New York City. (Honestly I did miss home while I was away, but what an about face!) The class , Hot Mess: Costume and Wearable Sculpture, which I co-taught with my friend Mike Andrews was a success!  The diverse skills and knowledge that the students brought to class really impressed me.  When class began we hit the ground running and didn’t stop for two weeks. A melange of costume, sculpture, makeup, fashion, music videos and dance parties the class certainly lived up to it’s name. I hope that the students learned from the experience, I certainly learned a lot from them. Thank you Ox-bow/Hot Mess, you gave me a moment to step back and examine myself as a maker and a teacher. And what a gift to be reminded of how much fun art can be and of the freedom found in experimental making and play.

> > >  Some photos from the class can be seen here: Hot Mess flickr set  < < <



Michigan, Amazing

Ox-Bow Hot Mess quick update – The class just completed an armature project, some photos below. Also below, a view from “The Crow’s Nest” of Lake Michigan.


Hot Mess

I write this blog entry from a cabin overlooking the Ox-Bow Lagoon deep within the Tallmadge Woods of Michigan. Sunday afternoon I began a two week teaching residency at the Ox-Bow School of the Arts. The “camp” is quite off the beaten path. It’s so dark out here at night that I can’t see my hand in front of my face – the stars are breathtaking. My cell phone doesn’t work in camp and the internet is only available in special hot spots. (I ‘d planned regular updates to my blog about my experiences here but finding the time and the internet connection has proven difficult.)

My class, Hot Mess: Wearable Sculpture, is going very well. It’s been a whirlwind since I arrived, class started Sunday night at 8PM. I have 11 exceptionally talented students. Upon our first meeting co-teacher Mike Andrews and I informed the class that we would be participating in a parade in the local town the following day for the fourth of July. Our group theme – Mardi-Gras Turtle. Everyone must have a costume. Ready, set, go.

Oh and costumes we had! In under 24 hours we became some of the Hottest Turtle Messes that I’ve ever seen. The parade was amazing. As part of our class process we’re taking portraits of each other as we make and move along. Some highlights below.

We’ve been busy bees. Along many interesting class discussions, demonstrations, and presentations of each others work we’re also making a music video. Tomorrow night we shoot in beauty parlor that we’ve obtained keys to. In addition to designing and costuming we’re also performing in the video after we give each other body modifying makeovers…

This place is kind of a dream come true. The energy and creativity of the class is high and we’re going strong!

More soon.