HOT MESS: Costume Construction and Wearable Sculpture

A class / an intervention / a happening / a transformation…  that was born at the Ox-Bow School of Art. Hot Mess was co-created by Mike Andrews and Andrew Jordan based on previous collaborative projects and weird nights in strange clubs. Informed by Mike and Andrew’s unique artistic practices a typical studio day could include the following: drafting patterns, stylized photo shoots, make-up tutorials, site specific performances, group choreography, and film screenings. Participants learn ad hoc versions of pattern making, garment construction, interior armatures, and mold-making. Image making and performance will be at the forefront of discussions.

Work by visionaries such as Yayoi Kusama, Jack Smith, Leigh Bowery, Louise Bourgeois,  Oskar Schlemmer, the Cockettes… will serve as springboards for dialogue and models for the ridiculous and the provocative.

Fast paced, intense, and a lot of fun, we want the work that is made in class to have an active life outside of the studio and into the world.

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