5 Minute Photo Shoot: Showroom Dummies

Photo: Andytoad

_________1 2 3 4
_________We are standing here
_________Exposing ourselves
_________We are showroom dummies 
_________We’re being watched
_________And we feel our pulse
_________We are showroom dummies
_________We look around
_________And we change our pose
_________We are showroom dummies
_________We start to move
_________And we break the glass
_________We are showroom dummies
_________We step out
_________And take a walk through the city
_________We are showroom dummies
_________We go to a club
_________And there we start to dance
_________We are showroom dummies


_________Trans-Europe Express (album) 1976

5 minute photo shoot – time machine winter edition

Photo: Andytoad

Now that it’s hot again in the city, and officially summer,  I’m kind of missing winter. Kind of. (And Rebekah, not kind of.)

The above image was taken at the end of February. Rebekah and I have this winter morning tradition. On occasion if we wake to find a fresh fallen blanket of snow we strip to our underpants and run around outside. Like kids on a snow day. Until we get cold. Then we come in, put on dry panties, have hot cocoa, then go to work.

Seeing this makes me remember the stillness of those cold white mornings- listening to the muffled noises of the waking world stirring under soft snow.